What Others Are Saying

From John Hancock, Deep Creek Consulting, Spokane WA

The transfer of business philosophy into the nonprofit world has rarely been done with so much sensitivity and style.  The simplicity and sincerity of these ideas have been a lifeline to those in professional despair.  "Why is this so hard?" is explained very well.  It's not about me personally, it's the pains of this growth stage of my organization

From Michael Quinn Patton, Author of Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Evaluators have learned that organizational effectiveness depends on astute situational diagnosis and adaptation so that interventions aimed at improvement are appropriate, relevant, timely, and grounded in organizational realities. Stevens’ holistic lifecycle theory and its pragmatic, stage-based application to developing nonprofit capacity are supported by a quarter century of evaluation evidence. Bottom line from an evaluation perspective: It’s useful and it works.

From Paul Light, NYU Wagner's Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service and founding principal investigator of the Organizational Performance Initiative.

Unlike those who study change without ever engaging it, Susan’s work is designed to help nonprofits diagnose their own place on the lifecycle and make choices about how to sustain effectiveness at different stages. It is the right book at the right time, and essential reading for anyone who truly wishes to meet nonprofits where they are.

From Virginia Esposito, founding President of the National Center for Family Philanthropy.

For years, Susan Stevens’ lifecycles work has been strengthening the development of countless nonprofits. What a joy, then, that NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES makes that work available to all those striving to balance mission and management. This book tells you how (and when!) you can have it all: vision and viability, excellence and efficiency. NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES sings with Susan’s special personal style ~ a combination of practical wisdom and unabashed enthusiasm.

From a Nonprofit Executive

I attended a one day seminar by the author sponsored by the Rose Foundation in Denver several years ago. The nonprofit I serve is going through growing pains remarkably similar to descriptions in the book. I bought the books to distribute to the board to help with the difficult decisions we have ahead of us.

Interesting that, when I attended the seminar it was all quite academic for us. It was only when I picked up the book again 3 years later that we were experiencing the difficulties described in Nonprofit Lifecycles. Lucky for me that I had bought the book!