Table of Contents

Part One: Nonprofit Capacity

Chapter One: Capacity Counts

  •   Defining Capacity
  •   Capacity Builders
  •   Capacity Costs

Chapter Two: A Stage-based Approach to Nonprofit Capacity

  •   Developmental Stage Theory
  •   Lifecycle Capacity Benefits

Chapter Three: Seven Stages of Nonprofit Capacity

  • Life-cycle Pre-requisites
  • The Seven Stages of Nonprofit Capacity
  • The Idea Stage: The Magnificent Obsession
  • The Start-up Stage: The Labor of Love
  • The Growth Stage: Becoming Who You Are
  • The Maturity Stage: Maintaining Your Edge
  • The Decline Stage: Someone That You Used to Be
  • The Turnaround Stage: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  • The Terminal Stage: In Name Only

Chapter Four: Diagnosing Nonprofit Capacity

  • Lifecycle Theory as a Diagnostic Framework
  • Diagnosing Capacity
  • Balancing Capacity at Each Lifecycle Stage
  • Achieving Lifecycle Capacity
  • Applying Lifecycle Diagnosis to Multiple Programs, Affiliates and Strategic Alliances

The Nonprofit Lifecycle Resource Guide

Part Two: Lifecycle in Action

Chapter Five: Lifecycles Management

  • Hiring for Lifecycle “Fit”
  • Growing with the Job
  • Lifecycle Financial Goals

Chapter Six: The Founders Lifecycle

  • Three Stages of Founder Separation
  • A Board Member’s Guide to Founder Transition
  • In Their Own Words:  Founders’ Advice to Other Founders
  • Case Study: The Avoca Literary Center

Chapter Seven: Developing Board Ownership

  • Governing the Early Lifecycle Stages
  • Ownership, not Stewardship
  • Case Study: Outreach, Inc.

Chapter Eight: Building Your Bench

  • Bench Building ~ Succession Planning from the Bottom up
  • Building Your Bench in the Start-up and Growth Stages
  • Formalizing Roles
  • Case Study: The Brighton City Community Foundation

Chapter Nine: Effecting a Turnaround

  • The Mindset of Decline
  • Five Preconditions for Successful Turnaround
  • Becoming the Catalyst of Change  
  • Case Study: The Tri-County Employment Alliance

Part Three: Capacity Grantmaking

Chapter Ten: Value-Added Investing

  • Capacity Grantmaking
  • Lifecycle Capacity Grants
  • Lifecycle Self-Assessments
  • Investing in Capacity Initiatives

Chapter Eleven: Internalizing Capacity

  • Internalizing Insights and Learning
  • Identifying the Organization’s Mindset
  • Re-framing the Organizational Mindset
  • Creating New Habits

Final Thoughts