Nonprofit Lifecycles
Stage-Based Wisdom for
Nonprofit Capacity

by Susan Kenny Stevens with a Foreword by Paul C. Light.




About the Author
Susan Kenny Stevens is a nationally recognized consultant, author, and lecturer on financial, management, and organizational issues pertaining to philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Her books and case studies are used throughout the country by nonprofit managers, foundations, evaluators and academics to strengthen their understanding of nonprofit dynamics.  Her other books include All The Way to the Bank, Investing In Capacity, and Budgeting Your Way to Financial Stability.

"For years, Susan Stevens’ lifecycles work has been strengthening the development of countless nonprofits. What a joy, then, that NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES makes that work available to all those striving to balance mission and management. This book tells you how (and when!) you can have it all: vision and viability, excellence and efficiency. NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES sings with Susan’s special personal style ~ a combination of practical wisdom and unabashed enthusiasm.”

Virginia Esposito
President, National Center for Family Philanthropy
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