Book Description

Baby-boomers. The terrible-twos. Adolescence. Mid-life crises.

These are the everyday terms we use to describe and to understand distinct and separate stages of human development. Now, thanks to Dr. Susan Kenny Stevens, the nonprofit sector has a comparable vocabulary to describe nonprofit capacity and understand what it looks like in each of seven stages: Idea, Start-up, Growth, Maturity, Decline, Turnaround and Terminal.

First published in 2002, NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES: Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity has sold nearly 15,000 copies to nonprofit executives and board members, foundation officers, consultants and evaluators, and dozens of academics for whom this book has become a core part of their management curricula. Like the earlier edition, the second edition of NONPROFIT LIFECYCLES is organized in three sections.

Part One presents the rationale for approaching capacity as a stage-based dynamic, and provides a full description of the seven lifecycle stages. This section ends with a self-assessment instrument and the Nonprofit Lifecycles Reference Guide, now referred to by many nonprofit readers as the “yellow-pages.”

Part Two, Lifecycles in Action, contains five chapters especially important for nonprofit managers and board members. Several of these chapters have received substantial content additions in this second edition, particularly the chapters on The Founder’s Lifecycle and Building Your Bench.

Part Three of the book discusses how foundations and consultants can use the lifecycle approach to create capacity-building programs and develop targeted capacity interventions. This section contains several new examples of foundations that currently use the lifecycle model as the basis for their capacity grant-making. It ends with an in-depth discussion of the relationship between capacity-building and organizational change. The lessons contained in NONPROFIT LIFECYLES are timeless.

Learn for yourself the lifecycles approach to capacity from this nationally recognized expert in this 148-page, paperback book.